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This place is amazing! We were having issues with a slow leak in one of our tires. We were driving a rental car and kept having to put air in one of the tires. We made an appointment for first thing in the morning and they completely fixed the tire and did not even charge us! They were extremely fast and efficient as well. We never had an issue with that tire for the rest of the trip.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Portland, Or.), March 25, 2017
I came to Tire Pro with a mysterious and terrifying noise after aging driven up the day before from Tucson. They identified it as coming from the front left axle, which had just been replaced, and were able to fit a new axle in just a few hours. They did a really great job, were very professional and supportive, and liaised with my mechanic in Tucson. I was very impressed by their willingness to help out a complete stranger and new customer. Highly recommend.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Tucson, AZ, AZ), March 20, 2017
While visiting the area we found ourselves in need of a tire repair. The shop manager Jeremy was kind, courteous and very efficient. Your shop is lucky to have a valuable employee like him. Thanks again, we got back to California safely.
Recommended? Yes |  by (California ), February 17, 2017
Jared and his crew went above and beyond to make sure my wife's car was taken care of the RIGHT WAY. I had done my research before even calling around to get a quote. When I first spoke with Jared over the phone I could tell by the way he spoke and the tone of his voice that he was a sincere and honest man. Him and his crew did everything within their power and then some to make sure that my wife's car was repaired properly and at a fair price. We all know how expensive up keeping a car can be and so do they, and Jared kept the cost and labor at a very reasonable price based off others in the area. And after all was said and done, they went above and beyond one more time and even helped us get new tires on the front. I will forever recommend Jared and his crew at Tire Pro Sedona!! thank you guys again!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Sedona, Az), October 27, 2016
In mid-August after driving our rental car from Phoenix and driving around Sedona for 2 days, we noticed a bulge in one of the tires and since the temperature was in the high 90s and we were miles into one of the many canyons, we made our way back into town and found Tire Pro on Highway 89A. It turned out to be one of the highlights of our vacation because of the quality of service that we received at the Tire Pro Shop. They immediately determined that we couldn't drive with the damaged tire and began to locate a replacement tire for us. Meanwhile, the girl in the office, Cody, was so helpful. She spoke with our rental car company, Alamo and together they determined that it would be easier for us to swap cars rather than try to replace the tire. As there wasn't an Alamo shop in Sedona, we were directed to Enterprise just a mile down the road. Don, the owner, and Cody told us that they would not let us leave their shop with the bad tire to drive even the one mile, and so they had it removed and put on the spare for us at no charge. What could have turned into a nightmare for us turned into relief. We were so impressed with the courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness of everyone there, including the mechanic. We highly recommend these great folks at Tire Pro.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 27, 2016